Drone wouldn't take off and would keep bouncing around

Hey guys,

I need some help. This is my first drone project and I am attempting take a manual flight as a step 1 using a Tx, Rx setup. At this point, I am done through sensor calibration, am able to arm the drone using the transmitter and have wireless telemetry setup to QGC. However, my drone just wont take off from the ground - it might do small bouncy moves, but would never go more than 0.5m high[ the video of drone ], due to which I haven’t been able to move onto autotune process.

I researched enough, and have done the following checks:

  • Propellers blades are setup in correct orientation
  • Motors are spinning in correct orientation
  • Propellers are tight on the motors, the lock nut is fully tight
  • Recalibrate sensor in open environment

Here are my drone specs:

At the this point I am unsure if I need to change the battery/some drone parts, or my params are incorrect[like: amps/V], or maybe something totally else is wrong. I understand these are not the best quality parts, but I expected the drone to atleast be able to make it in the air.

I would appreciate if anyone can take a look at my log file, and help me point in the right direction.

More log files:
logs 1

Are you sure about the weight . For a 10 inch prop may be 2s Lipo is not enough. You need to be on 4s atleast. A QUAD not lifting much from ground can be due to battery energy requirements or PX4 firmware issue , the latter being my case on lift issue. It works well on v1.12.3 but v1.13.3 and the current v1.14.beta2 version doesn’t work well unless to a certain extend it is PID tuned manually on the ground. .

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Definately a power problem . This motor at 7v cant create any thrust . You should upgrade to 3 or 4 cell lipo

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Hi guys,
That was it. The 2S lipo just wasn’t able to create enough thrust. After upgrading to 4S lipo, I am able to lift off the drone.
Thank you guys so much ! We can close this thread