Pixhawk compass wont calibrate

I am having a problem getting my compass to calibrate in qgroundcontrol. I am using a Pixhawk Mini flashed with the px4 firmware. I didnt have any issues calibrating the gyro, accelerometer, or level horizon. But when I attempt to calibrate the compass I get an error message " Mag 0(ID 26178) no matching uORB devid… calibration failed: mag".

I have tried reflashing the firmware, calibrating with and without peripherals plugged in, restarting QGroundControl, and even starting my computer. Ive looked through other discussion boards but haven’t found anyone having this problem. Any suggestions???

Can you try resetting all params, flash latest PX4, and full calibration? If that fails please open an issue on github. https://github.com/PX4/Firmware

@dagar This is a driver bug. I don’t have a Pixhawk Mini, but someone needs to make sure that the mag driver for it properly fills the device_id field in the uORB topic.

Thanks @mhkabir. Internally I believe it’s an MPU9250 which should be fine.

@Kaiserollz do you have an external GPS/compass module?

Yes I do. Its a GPS/Compass from 3dr. It came with my pixhawk. Do you think that could be part of the issue?

I flashed the firmware again and did the calibration all over again. It did not seem to work. I took your advice and opened a discussion on github.

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it if it’s a driver bug?

This happens to me as well using a Pixhawk Lite and ArduCopter

I have the same issue:
Mag 0 (ID 12) no matching uORB devid
Have you found a solution ?