Pixhawk- how to get data from GPS?

Hello !
I previously used a Naze 32 flight controller. Initially I just connected my ROS computer to naze32 via a USB cable and then I recorded the topics in ROS which gave me GPS and imu data. I want to do similar thing with pixhawk. I searched for it but was not successful in getting the information I needed. Any help is appreciated !


Is something like this what you are looking for?

This may help but not sure how! For naze 32 first I moved it in random directions and then I did
"rosbag record /imu/data " to receive data.

Hello @Vrinda

You can install MAVROS and use the following topics to get data http://wiki.ros.org/mavros


Thanks Mario ! I will take a look and keep you posted.

I need GPS info in python script running on Raspberry Pi and send it to Ground Control Station. Any other alternative other than MAVROS?