raspberryPi fed RTK correction data to Pixawk: is it possible?

Hi everyone,

I am new to this area, please forgive me if I am asking fool question.

I am now using brand Holybro as my RTK system, my system is built like this:

Holybro RTK base station -> Raspberry Pi (A)   ----send RTK correction data via Wi-Fi---->  Raspberry Pi (B) ---connected via serial port to Telem2--->  Pixhawk4

I found the library

that can parsed u-blox F9P RTK message in UBX, NMEA and RTCM3 format, and I can successfully send the correction data from Raspberry Pi(A) to Raspberry Pi(B) via Wi-Fi.

However, I have done a lot of research but could not find any method that I can send the RTK correction data to Pixhawk from Raspberry Pi(B), I have looked into DronKit, mavsdk, still could not find any function that is feed the correction data to Pixhawk.

Can anyone please help me?

Does anyone have any idea about it?

Hi, I may be late here but just a thought

You could install PX4 into the RasPi ,

Then collect the GPS information connected to Pi and use another serial port to link with your flight controller and enable Mavlink Forward on PX4(Pi) using QGC parameters or thro’ Nuttx shell which will then relay all the parameter values to your flight controller including GPS info.