Read GPS data from pixhawk to raspberry pi

Hi everyone,
I am working on a project that finds positions of red-colored objects using python(OpenCV) but i am struggling with reading instantaneous position data file from pixhawk. Is there a way to do that?


I will solve a similar problem in the near future. And I have no real experience with this. I only have studied the theoretical solution to the problem :slight_smile: And I don’t see any answer after a long time, so I’ll share this …

If you are using “more powerful” raspberry, you can use RTSP.
It is a “bridge” that exchanges uORB messages between autopilot stack and raspberry stack. Probably the best solution is use ROS2. Advantage of that is, that it skips translation to MavLink. More information is here:

Another solution is to use mavlink. It is simpler (for setup) and better for “less powerful” computers (as raspberry zero) or same Arduino solutions is to setup telem output as second mavlink port.