How to send the GPS data to the Drone


We are planning on a project without a GPS sensor.
First, the way we consider was VIO, but it failed sometime for an unknown reason.
So we tried to find some way how to send estimated GPS data to the drone, and the fake GPS looked suitable.
I checked the fake_gps codes in PX4-Autopilot and mavros, but it looked like a way for the HITL, not for the real control.(If I understood correctly, the HITL is for the simulation world using real hardware)
So is there a way to send custom GPS data to the drone?

I tried to do this one year ago. Resutl of that was - faild with PX4-Autopilot. This problem can be sovled If your hardware support ardupilot. Ardupilot have paramm GPS_TYPE = MAV (recive gps data from mavlink), and then you can sending custom GPS data using GPS_INPUT message.

Thank you for letting me know! Appreciate!! I’ll dive into Ardupilot.

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Ardupilot for me is very complicated to use as an interface in mission planner so would that work if using QGC with ardupilot? Or the parameters mentioned isn’t going to be shown in qgc?