Pixhawk Cube Orange / Voltage readings issue

Hello all,

I’m quite new to the PX4 stack and want to run it on a Pixhawk Cube Orange flight controller. I built the PX4 SW stack v1.11.1 as specified in the documentation.

Once connected to QGroundControl v4.0.10, everything seems to work properly except the battery status readings. Neither voltage nor current are measured. The battery source parameter is set to Power Module. I’m using a custom carrier board but it measures voltage correctly when The Cube Black flight controller is placed on it. Has somebody had to deal with this issue?

I looked for information and noticed that other SW stacks provide an option to specify what’s called “voltage pin”. There’s a specific option for Cube Orange controllers. Does somebody know what’s the reason for this?

Thanks in advance.

There’s currently a known issue in PX4 v1.11 with battery parameters, that was resolved in master, have you tried building from master?