Pixhawk4 Mini - Doesn't recognize battery

Hardware: Pixhawk4 Mini, Holybro PM02 Power Board, 3S Lipo to PB and ESC, 2S Lipo on Servo Rail w/5.1V regulator, Eflite Timber w/stock ESC, Spektrum Satellite RX

Issue: I set up the battery configuration in QGroundControl it never seems to recognize the battery connected to the PB. When I try to calibrate the ESC, it says “timeout waiting for a battery”. Also, when in the flight screen (connected to FC via USB), it says Battery “OK” but has no voltage or current measurements.

So I can’t calibrate the ESC and the aircraft never allows arming due to battery error.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Version 3.0 and version 3.1 hardware produced different results for the same settings and configurations.

3.1 totally cannot sense the ampere with the CubeOrange carrier board.