Pixhawk 6X issue

I have a Pixhawk 6X, and it’s stopped detecting my RC RX (a FrSky X8R fwiw). I verified using a Durandal that it’s the 6X with the issue. Since I’m doing some development, I even loaded my latest dev build on the Durandal to make sure I hadn’t accidentally broken something. Nada.

Any suggestions for what I should try before giving up on this particular 6X?

Known issue. Sort of. Set your RC input type from auto to specific type (sbus) and do a soft reboot. For this issue with rssi I had to have the RC on for it to work and several times reboot.

Do you know if it’s a hardware issue or a code issue?

Also, I’m not seeing the RC_INPUT_PROTO show up on QGC. Poking around the code says it should be part of the rc_input driver, but that’s enabled and I don’t see it. Thoughts?

It’s software. Not hardware issue.

Update to current main to see if it populates with that param and if that fixes the issue.

We recently fixed it here.

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