Pixhawk 6c


I have purchased the pixhawk 6c few days ago.
During testing , I found that the telemetry 2 port is not working.
And I am unable to flash ardupilot firmware , also unable to upload firmware through Q ground control.


Sounds like you need to contact the company you purchased your pixhawk from if a port is not working.
Also if you have problems with ardupilot, a better place would be to write on their own forum https://discuss.ardupilot.org/

And for future reference also add what errors you get or describe them in more details, otherwise it is impossible to provide any help for you.

Yes. It is impossible to know from this whether the hardware is not working or is just misconfigured.

If you can’t upload ArduPilot firmware then best to contact the ArduPilot team, as they will be able to check this is not a board issue.

You also need to use the newest QGC version to upload.


Could please let me know how can I rollback to factory version of pixhawk 6C(1.13.0Beta). As I have uploaded stable version on pixhawk 6C(1.13.0).

It would be really helpful if you can help me with this.