Pixhawk 6C and Spektrum Receiver not communicating after updating to v1.14

My setup is a Pixhawk 6C with a Spektrum SPM9645 receiver.
After updating to v1.14, the solid light on the receiver is still there, but I do not see anything under “Channel Monitor” in QGroundControl and the FC is unresponsive to any commands. Attempting to set it to bind mode results in the error message, “MAV_CMD_START_RX_PAIR command failed”. The LED on the receiver turns off when the transmitter is turned off, so those appear to be communicating fine. Any idea what could be the issue?

In addition, reverting to v1.13.3 instantly fixes all issues. I will be needing RemoteID, so would it work if I just stuck with v1.13.3?

The issue is setting “SYS_USE_IO = 0”, which was used prior to v1.14 to use DShot. This is no longer needed now with actuator configuration in QGroundControl, to my understanding. It’s not totally clear to me why this causes the Spektrum issue, though. I’m guessing that configuring the outputs under “PWM AUX” while setting SYS_USE_IO = 0 causes some sort of conflict.