Holybro PX4 Power management module wiring problem

Hello there.

I want to create Standard Plane Airframe based on Holybro PX4 with power management board PM07 and I have met a problem with wiring. Before buying all necessary items, I tried to understand how to wire all of the components to the PMB (motor, servos for ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, gears).

My question is where to connect servos and in which order. standardplane

Above we can see that everything must be connected to MAIN ports. I understand that I/O PWM OUTs (M1, M2, M3, M4) are equal to MAIN1,2,3,4.
But in the quick wiring guide there is written that motors are connected to M1,M2,M3 and servos to FMU-PWN-out with electricity from 5V BEC.

How will I know which pins on FMU rail are equal to Airframe reference servos I uploaded above?

Thank you for your responses.

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If you plug in the I/O Pmw connector on the FC to the FMU PMW on the board then the M outputs will be on the FMU-PMW pin.
You should double check this but I recall you can jumper the 5V pins to get power on the servo outputs.
I have not actually done this so check into it.
Also then you can connect the ESC to the pins as well.

I am having a similar issue, anyone help would be much appreciated
i thought the IO and FMU connectors out from the FC will be connected to IO and FMU in the Power board respectively

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Need to make some tests :thinking:

you’re right my friend, I’ll will work on it and feedback when the issue is reolved, Thanks

Issue solved, I followed Jimdgit advice, and it worked, thanks a lot

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