Pixhawk 4 motors spin problem

hello i just finish installng my pixhawk 4 F550 when i do the motor test at the setup all motor spin at same speed from low to high all motors works well …when use the remote on the arm switch only 4 motors spin and 2 motors does not spin, 2 motors only spin when i move the remote throttle to mid point above …why this happens ??? Need help thank you

It sounds like the minimum speed is low enough that the motors can stop spinning and the vehicle is trying to level itself. With the propellers off, try tilting the vehicle. You can also raise PWM_MIN, MPC_THR_MIN, and/or MPC_MANTHR_MIN.

The vehicle will only try to take off when the stick is above half in altitude control modes. (Below that and it tries to go down.)

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@Danial8685 Which ESCs are you using? Have you performed the ESC calibration?

I did the calibration high and low ![Screenshot
i have the same esc for my pixhawk 4 mini works well when armed and take off

hello friend thanks for your respond…finally i got it working replace the esc recalibrated and now it works well all motor spin well :sweat_smile: