Pixhawk 4 GPS antenna compatibility

Back again with another issue in migrating to the Pixhawk 4. All of my existing hexacopters with the Pixhawk 1 use the mRo Neo M8N sensor that has two mags. The mags can be separated out and plugged into the I2C socket, which is how I use them. This allows me to use other GPS sensors like the ZED-F9P separately and disconnect the M8N. How can I do this configuration with the Pixhawk 4? It integrates 4 functions into the GPS unit that can’t be broken out : GPS, compass, arming switch and buzzer. That pretty much locks me into using only one GPS unit.

Another thing. All my drones with the Pixhawk 1 have separate arming switches and buzzers plugged into the controller. How can I continue to use them with the Pixhawk 4? Same issue as above … I’m forced to use only one GPS unit that does everything. So this is just another roadblock to being able to use other GPS units like the F9P.

Has anyone else had this issue? I am going to try to reach someone at Holybro about this restriction and see if they have any solution. But any help from this forum will be appreciated. If this problem can’t be solved, I may be forced to go back to ArduPilot with the cube orange. I really don’t want to do that.