MAVProxy not compatible with PX4

Hi Folks:

I am working on a project to connect a Raspberry Pi to a Pixhawk 1. The goal is to be able to install Python code on the RPi to communicate with the Pixhawk 1.

Pixhawk running PX4 1.8.0
RPi connected to Pixhawk via a cable from GPIO TXD and RXD pins to TELEM2 port.
Raspbian and MAVProxy running in the RPi
RPi connected to laptop over WiFi link (PuTTy, SSH connection)
QGroundControl is the ground station.

I have been able to establish communication between the units. I can use some basic commands like disarm and param show. However, when I issue the command param show ARMING CHECK, it does not return any information. I cannot remotely turn the safety switch on and off using the arm safetyon and arm safetyoff commands. Also I could not get the motortest command to work. Evidently these work with Ardupilot but not PX4.

I loaded the module but that does not solve the incompatibility issues.

I could use some help resolving this, so please point me in the right direction.


MAVProxy is a user-maintained library, not part of MAVLink and as far as I know exclusively targeting APM.

Lorenz: that’s too bad because PX4 is better suited for the particular type of flying I do. And now I am working on a project to use a Raspberry Pi on the drone to drive the Pixhawk with custom software, and as you know, this interface has been set up with MAVProxy. I’m faced with using Ardupilot which will make the connection with the Pixhawk easy, or do a completely custom interface for PX4. Actually some of the MAVProxy commands DO work, but the ones that don’t might be easy to adapt. I was hoping that someone had already made this modification.

Thanks for the response.


@Joseph_Marrone This interface will soon be available and should give you the kind of software setup you need: