Pixhawk 4 FMU errors

I got this pixhawk 4 from holybro about 6 months ago, the first one the fmu just quit working, but i was withing 30 days of purchase, so they sent me a new one. the second one just started doing the same thing, but im obviously past the first 30 days. so heres my question:
a. do you think holybro would replace this unit?
b. is there any way of fixing this error.
When connected via usb, the board powers up normally, but the FMU light flickers quickly, until the tone is supposed to sound, then it freezes on the first tone, and the FMU resets and repeats. I didnt hook up any new hardware, change anything, this fc was working perfectly for the last couple months, no problem. then all the sudden blam! and i dont know about you all, but 220$ isnt something i would like to lose.