PX4flow smart camera with Pixhawk: FMU (probable) issues

Hello everyone,

I recently bought a PX4flow smart camera and connected to the pixhawk successfully. But after sometime something happened to the Pixhawk and it wont get connected to QGC or mavlink shell.
I switched to a different pixhawk and the same thing happened to this one as well.
Here are the pattern of LED lights I am getting:

Main LED: Flashing red
FMU green led: ON
FMU blue led: OFF
I/O green led: ON
I/O yellow led: Flashing (approx 4 Hz)
I/O blue led: Flashing (aprox 2 Hz).

I read some online details about the LED’s and I concluded that FMU is not responding and I/O has some initialization problem. How can I solve these problems? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

I built and uploaded the px4 firmware after formatting the SD card but the problem persists.
I could finally connect to mavlink shell after waiting for a long time. I checked the fum status and it says
FMU fail and Rc fail