FMU issues with pixhawk mini

Multirotor assembled and QGC tells me it’s ‘armed’ when i input the arming sequence on my radio, but the motors do not spin. the amber i/o led blinks at about 4hz. According to pixhawk 2 this means “No FMU input”

Question 1: Is this the same for Pixhawk mini?
Question 2: If so how can i fix this ?

Also the horizon and compass do not move when I change the orientation of the board.

Question 3: is this related to the FMU project

sorry for being a n00b, but help would be awesome.
Thanks in advance!

Can you try flashing PX4 master (under advanced in QGC)? There was a bug affecting the sensors in the pixhawk mini if you don’t have an external compass connected.

Ahh yes that worked. However another powering issue exists with my setup. The BEC seems to power the FC {LEDs go on} but the receiver only powers on only with USB. What’s funny is that if I power the FC with both BEC and USB simultaneously and disconnect the USB {BEC only} the receiver remains turned on. Do you have this issue as well?