Pixhawk 2.4 & Arduino Mega & M8N GPS

My project is about Quadrotor go to GPS’s point , how i get data from GPS (GPS connect with Pixhawk port and I2C) ?. I am coding with arduino program .
PS. i don’t use Mission planner application for GPS tracking . I want coding by myself .

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Advice: Start making it the standard way. Then understand how it works and most of the questions will be answered.

My prof., he want this project work by myself. Or i have to change code in firmware . i dont have to use arduino. I just use python program . Can you teach me please.?

Do as I said, that’s the only way forward. Standard setup and make it work. Then, you replace one part by your own and show how much better it is.

We, as a community, can help, but we will not teach you, that’s your prof. job.

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