Reading prepared IMU data from Pixhawk with Arduino

Hi guys,

I want to use an Arduino as flight controller. The “sensor-module” for the Arduino should be a Pixhawk.
This means I want to use the already prepared flight data (heading, attitude, etc.) from the pixhawk to feed it into the Arduino.

I don’t want to do any IMU-data preparation with the Arduino in order to relieve its CPU. So that is why I want to use the pixhawk to prepare all IMU-data and feed it into the Arduino.

I think the pixhawk has already a very good code to get reliable and accurate heading and attitude data, but how can we transfer this data to an Arduino with a reasonably fast speed?


It sounds like you’re going about this wrong. The pixhawk is a very capable autopilot MCU platform that contains the capabilities of an arduino and a lot more! The pixhawk is a lot more than a sensor module although it could be used as one easily if you insist. Would you mind sharing the larger picture of what you are trying to achieve? That way we might be able to give more useful advice.
In any case you can use the pixhawk as a sensor AHRS module via a serial connection with the mavlink protocol streaming all the relevant data to the arduino.
Good luck


thank you for your answer.
I want to learn how different PID-control-loops affect the flight behaviour of my vehicle.
I see that the pixhawk-software and data preparation is quite good, but it is too complicated for me to figure out where to do changes regarding the PID loop.
Therefore I want to read out the IMU data filtered and unfiltered to play with it.

I want to use it as a learning platform.
So it would be great to have access to the prepared (and maybe also raw) IMU data from the pixhawk.
Are there any ideas for a easy setup?