Quadcopter with extra propulsion prop

hello guys,
my graduate project is Make quadcopter with propulsion prop and i don’t know what should i do
I come out with 2 options

  1. read new airframe document(https://docs.px4.io/master/ko/dev_airframes/adding_a_new_frame.html) and do exactly same as they say.
    but i don’t know anything of coding

  2. use arduino to control propulsion part and mix with pixhawk

which option would be great?
plz give me any advise

@yunjae-Na9025 I would assume that 1 is the better way to do it, and you need to understand
“coding” for both cases anyway

i’m really appreciate for your reply :smile:
you say i need to understand coding, then could you tell me more specific? like what language or something…
i’m not making excuses but software engineering is not my major