Creating an autonomous quadcopter

Hello, my name is yoni and I have no idea what I’m doing.
I have basic knowledge in coding and computer science, I can code in several languages like C#, c++, java, javascript, c and a few more.
My final project for college is to make a pixhawk arudino drone - as fully autonomous as possible.
The project is due to a year from now.
I have no knowledge in electronics or how the arduino board actually works.
I started reading at DroneKit, DroneCode and

To the point - after I downloaded the arudino free IDE, I started on the most basic assignment for begginers which is reading from the “potentiometer”.

When I run the code and notice the error about Board at com1 not being recognized I realize I’ve jumped way too deep way too early.

Can somebody please provide me with some instructions for begginers? such as - which IDE should I use when working with a px4? How do I connect my drone’s board to my laptop without a usb cable(using telemetry?).

I searched google for hours and currently am really clueless, also am sorry if this topic is too general and not reffering to a specific problem, I would thank if anyone would reffer to any part of this topic.

Thanks in advance, yours

P.S. I have recieved the drone and all of its components from my college, it is probably store-bought.
My “companion pc” to the drone is a laptop thats running on windows.
And I am really looking forward to coding on the drone.

Precisely which “drone” do you have?

Thank you for replying, I know that its an Iris+ quadcopter

You could start by reading the “introduction” and “getting started” sections of, assuming you want to use the PX4 flight stack (not related to Arduino at all). Since you mentioned Arduino, you might be thinking of the Arducopter flight stack instead, but it is no longer based on the Arduino platform either. My preferred IDE is Eclipse.

THANK YOU mark, sincerely

Hi Yoni,

I was wondering if you have completed your task of building an autonomous drone with pixhawk and arduino?
If so I was hoping you could help me by sending me your code and schematics as I am trying to do the exact same task but can’t find much info about it on the internet.

I would be very grateful if you could! thanks!