Pixhawk 2.4.6. PX4 flight stack: no mag sensor 0

Hi @ all,

I am very new to the topic, so may be there exists a very simple solution - which would be great at all.

System information:
Hardware: pixhawk 2.4.6, no external sensors
Version: px4 flight stack 1.7.0
Frame: Quadrocopter, X configuration

What have I done so far and what are the errors:

  1. I uploaded the latest px4 flight stack 1.7.0 on my pixhawk 2.4.6 via console (make px4-v2_default upload)
  2. The propellers didn’t turn after the quadrocopter was armed as if idle speed was 0. How ever, when I raised throttle everything was fine and I was able to take off for tuning the PIDs
  3. After a few take offs (no crash at all) I was not able to arm the copter. There was an error stating “no mag sensor 0”.
  4. I uploaded Ardupilot, so that I am able to fly again. There is still an error stating “PreArm: Check mag field”. But I can arm the copter and fly.

Do you have an idea what is wrong with the magnet sensors? After I checked the parameters I noticed that “CAL_MAGxxx_ID” is 0 for all sensors - is it possible that the IDs are wrong configured? Are the magnet sensors defect - how can I figure out if they are defect or wrong configured?
Can I configure the PreArm Checks in flight stack to disable mag sensor checks? I want to work with the px4 flight stack in long term.
Can I do without magnet sensor if I aim for autonomous flight in long term?

Thank you so much!
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If your flight controller has flashed earlier firmware, i would recommend to reset all parameters through QGC and do a complete calibration again.
Select another air frame type to ensure the parameters are all reset.

I uploaded 1.7.2 nd the problem seems to be solved.
Thank you so much!

Hi. I’m trying to upload the same version, but I can’t get flash the 1.7.2
what are te steps to do this?
Thanks in advance