Pitch trim differences hover to forward flight, parameter VT_FW_Pitch_TRIM (Fixed wing pitch trim)

Hello Pixhawk VTOL builders!

I’m new to this forum, and first of all I would like to thank everybody sharing their experiences and knowledge, which I read the last weeks already!
Currently I’m building my first Pixhawk VTOL plane, based on the FunCub Quad Plane Pixhwak firmware (“Standard VTOL configuration”).
My plane looks like this:

I need a hint for the pitch tuning:
My plane needs different pitch trims:

  • in hover mode slightly nose up,
  • in forward flight mode slightly nose down. E.g. for gliding with switched off motor.

Currently I define the hover mode pitch position as horizontal, by horizontal calibration.
Then I use the parameter VT_FW_Pitch_TRIM (Fixed wing pitch trim) to trim the forward flight.
This works so far in stabilized flightmode.
As soon as I switch to manual flightmode, the adjusted VT_FW_Pitch_TRIM is gone/not used. So in forward flight the trimm doesn’t fit anymore!
Means, I currently can’t use the manual flightmode.

For some situations like trimming the plane without stabilisation, or emergeny situations, I would like to be adble to switch back to manual flightmode.

Does somebody have an idea how to keep the forward flight pitch trim for stabilized flightmode AND manual flightmode?

Thank you!


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try pitch setpoint offset FW_PSP_OFF

Hi Sanderux,

this is it!!
Thanks for your fast reply! It solved my problem!
Looking forward to my next test flight now!

Have a nice evening!