Helicopter: Common pitch and tail rotor Trims how to?

Hello core devs and users,

We are building an IC Heli with a common pitch 3 blade head. Because we need to trim the common pitch and the tail rotor I used the Aux1 and Aux2 RC inputs assigned to two rotary knobs and mixed this in the mixer in order to do it. It works perfect but I have the following problem.

If we fly autonomous and have a failsafe condition, then we loose the trims because we loose the input to Aux1 and Aux2 and this way we loose the trims to the Heli’s common pitch and tail rotor. So how can I implement it somehow to be able to save the trims in the failsafe state?



Is it a 3 star *** question or am I missing something very easy and straightforward to all except me??