Pb with tilt servo on FireflyY6 configuration

When the throttle is set to “0”, if I switch to the FW mode, the tilt servo does not go into the transition position but directly to the FW position and at full speed
The only way to resolve the pb is to power OFF and ON the unit. Disarming and rearming does not change anything when the PX4 is in this state
Tilt servo works perfectly when initialy throttle is not at min when switching to FW mode. The servo slowly moves to the correct position (transition)
I know that in flight the throttle can not be at min when we switch to FW mode
But on the ground, if you want to check the tilt servo, you can not with throttle at min, or if you power ON the Y6 while on the transmitter, the FW switch is ON, you have the problem and must power OFF the Y6
Sorry English is not my native language :disappointed: