Parameter suggestions for my quadx with very unstable flight and high vibration

Hi everyone,
I’m testing a new vehicle and it flew awfully in its first flight. I have a few logs each about 15-30 seconds but I couldn’t risk it to fly longer since uav had vibration visible obviously.
I then looked at my logs and I can see that my PID gains are bad and I have high vibration. However I’m having rough time deciding my new values especially for decreasing the vibration.
Here are my log screenshots:

Any help and suggestion is appreciated, thank you for reading.

isnt vibration separate from tuning? how have you mounted your flight controller?

if you do have bad vibration, you want to take care of that first before tuning.

As far as I know tuning can effect the vibration as well but I’m inexperienced.
I have my fc mounted on vehicle with a carbon fiber mount and rubber dampers. I can say the vehicle is overall pretty rigid.

are you able to check and compare your logged vibration levels to Log Analysis using Flight Review | PX4 User Guide (main) ?

Yes, according to the guide I have bad vibration. Normally I tried fixing it with another vehicle by adjusting filter parameters but in this graph I need to cut so much that its not a solution. So I can see the problem from my log graphs but I have no idea how to fix it since like I said I believe I have a rigid setup on my vehicle.

I use to have bad vibrations, but i made a custom mount with mounts like these: Lumenier Replacement Silicone Vibration Damping Balls (4 Pack)

And i never had a vibration problem ever again.

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I also have mounts but different filter and PID parameters seem to affect visibly the vehicle. If I succeed on tuning, I’ll share my steps for future problems.