Need some help on reducing the vibration


I am building a quad with Tarot XS690 frame, with about 2 lb payload, the build feels solid but I got very jerky/twitch performance on the Position mode. I am not sure if this is caused by vibration is too high or the PID is good for the current frame. Here is a link of the log mainly in Position mode:

From the log I feel there is a lot vibration on Roll side, does that mean the frame is not balance well? or something is loose?

you should reduce couple frequency of IMU from default to half or the around

Thanks for suggestion! Could you tell me more about how to reduce the couple frequency? Do you mean the IMU update frequency?

Hey, my team also build a quad and get such that vibration, we also have done ESC callibration, sensors, etc, but still get the same drone performance. However, this high vibration occur after we migrate from arducopter to px4, do you found any solution for this issue?