50 kg coaxial octo vibration

I have a 50 kg coaxial octo bird drone and initially, I flew it using RF connection and Mavlink commands. In this flight, although there is still room for improvement regarding vibrations, I believe it’s acceptable.


Then, without changing anything in the PIDs and cutoff frequencies, I performed a flight 2 times with the RC transmitter to conduct autotune. However, my vibrations increased noticeably, and the stability of the drone changed. Oscillations were present in the drone.



Is the reason for this difference between these two flights a mechanical difference that I couldn’t notice, or could there be another problem? How can I make the drone more stable with fewer vibrations? I await your valuable comments. By the way, I don’t believe autotune function works properly for this size of a drone. Twice, I manually set the PIDs and then started the autotune process. The results were different each time, completely different places. Therefore, I don’t think it’s correct. After conducting tests, my manually determined PIDs and cutoff frequencies are as follows : ( I flew with these values in all the flights in the logs I provided.)

Try to isolate vibration mechanically. Software frequency cut-off can help up to a certain point. Because of high vibration, autotune may be generating different output.

i have already got vibration isolator for cube orange . also this mechanic frame verified with dji autopilot so i dont think that is not acceptable mechanical vibration of frame

What damper did you apply to Cube Orange? Can you show me a picture of the FC installation? Even before proceeding with AutoTune, the vibration of the z-axis seems a bit excessive. (first log data)

According to the log data, it seems that hunting occurs due to excessive PID gain tuning overall after AutoTune. You can find out by referring to the Actuator contolrs graph.