Omnibus F7

Is it planned to support the Omnibus F7 V2 controller?

Please see this videos for your question.

Hi @salex
Not specifically, but PR’s are welcome.
Currently the Kakute F7 is supported:

Thank you for the link.
I actually already have Ardupilot installed in the board, but i prefer Px4.

You are right. The two controllers are quite similar.
I believe that it will not be too hard to make a support for the Omnibus.
I’ll try.

No, it’s just a bit tedious going through the board config. Let me know if you need help with anything.

Actually yes.
I found some definitions, but i still need to know what timers channels are used for pwm, and what port used for PPM/SBUS.

The timer channels are configured in here:
And RC port via RC_SERIAL_PORT:
Or are you asking which ones it should be on the Omnibus F7?

I’d like to know which timers corresponds to PWMs on Omnibus V7 hardware.
I don’t believe it’s exactly the same like Kakute.

There’s more critical problem.
The firmware is too big.
What exactly modules are required for vtol?

Either you get the schematics of the board or you check in Betaflight/APM source for the timer and pin config.
How much flash does it have? You want to use it for a VTOL?

That’s what i did.

The board has only 1 Mb of flash.
I’d like to use it in tailsitter vtol.

Ok, I don’t think you can fit all vtol module into 1MB - since that requires pretty much most modules. You can try though.

It is possible with APM, so i believe with some optimizations, the Px4 can as well.