PX4-OmnibusF4v3 code ( modify from PX4-OmnibusF4SD )

Hi friends,

I’m new PX4 user of Taiwan, and try to make porting for OmnibusF4v3 base on OmnibusF4SD’s code last few months. It is seem work, even it’s not perfect. But, I hope share it to you.

If you have any problem, let me know please. I’ll try to solve these troubles, under my bad english.

Please reference to following issues:

RC-in support PPM only.

serial ports

TEL1 : /dev/ttyS0 -> UART1 of STM32F4

RC_PORT : /dev/ttyS1 (No show in QGC and H/W.)

TEL2 : /edv/ttyS2 -> USART4 of STM32F4

URT6 : /dev/ttyS3 -> UASRT6 of STM32F4 (Needs inverter of H/W, if you want to use it. )

.PX4 file donwloed here.

PX4-OmnibusF4v3 F/W v020511 release

File name: omnibus_f4v3_020511_3u1i.px4


PX4 NuttX OmnibusF4v3


TEL1: /dev/ttyS0 TX1/RX1

TEL2: /dev/ttyS2 RSSI(TX)/PWM5(RX)

URT6: /dev/ttyS3 TX6/RX6



  1. Support URT6 base-on non H/W inverter

  2. Add AK8963 Driver

  3. Only support PPM

  4. Only support PWM1/2/3/4 output

.PX4 file donwloed here.