Notice - A $2?9 Mini Android Controller from SIYI - 10 KM Range @ 1080P 180 ms, 8-core CPU

Dear PX4 Community,

Very excited to be back with you!

It has been 18 months since SIYI’s last very important break-through for drone industry. In April, 2019, we announced AK28, our first Android smart controller, also the first successful remote in this industry which came with an open Android system for QGC users. AK28 was well appreciated by market and soon derived to a whole series according to demands of different application from agriculture to industry.

When we are going to bring the community a new product, it should come with truly exciting feaures and solid technology. So today, SIYI honorably delivers you a new Mini Handheld Ground Station with 10 KM 1080p Image Transmission.

  • 10 KM 1080P Digital Image Transmission

  • 8-core CPU Ultra Performance

  • IP53 Waterproof and Dustproof

  • 1000 cd/m2 High Brightness HD Screen Display

  • 15 Hour Battery Life, 3 Hour Fast Charging, Type-C

  • Dual FPV HD Camera Front and Back

  • 180 ms Low Lantency

  • Support Dual RTK Mapping Module

And the retail price is targeting at $2?9

We sincerely hope that you will like the new model. You are very welcome to leave your comments here and communicate direct with SIYI’s team here.

Thanks to all!

This great and good news all in one as dji smart controller

10 KM milestone! SIYI’s new image transmission technology still not reached its limit.
Range test video comes later.

Full video of 10 KM range test is uploaded to YouTube. Welcome to check out!

Can it support multiple vehicles with multiple video streaming?

Multiple video at the same time?

Can this support two video inputs
What about the receiver module specification !!

Two video inputs to the same receiver, yes!
Receiver specs will be updated very soon. Thanks for paying an attention.

What is the price of the unit with the receiver?

Do you have a data sheet for the smart controller ?

Can this smart controller run DJI photogrammetry application for free ?

Can it support and load PIX4D capture ?

Does it have QGCS software loaded ?

The standard set of the controller will include receiver, price and data sheet will be released soon.

It comes with an open Android OS and you can load whatever software you can use.

Can you please reply to the other two queries. Also how much storage memory does it have ?

thank you

2G RAM / 16G Storage

New record 15 kilometers! No jam, low lantency, full control!

Dear Everyone,

Today, the MK15 manual has been updated to version 1.1, with some big updates which I hope will interest any of you.

1) Chapter 1.4 and 1.6. MK15 Dual Remote Combo
A new combo of MK15 series, coming with RC Relay and Dual RC function.

2) Chapter 3.9. RC Relay and Dual RC function
Features that works on MK15 Dual Remote Combo only.
*MK15 Dual Remote Combo required.

3) Chapter 3.6. New settings for dials.
MK15 Dials can be configured to Self-Centering and Thumbslide now.
*The latest SIYI TX app required.

4) Chapter 4.3. UDP connection.
MK15 supports UDP connection for datalink now.
*New Android firmware is required.

5) Chapter 5. SIYI FPV App.
Details of SIYI FPV App explained.

6) Chapter 6.4. Dual Video Stream Connection.
Guide to use dual video stream with MK15 system.

7) Chapter 6.5. IP Addresses.
Necessary updates to some IP addresses.

8) Chapter 6.6. Solutions to no image.
Quick checks when MK15 does not display image.

9) Chapter 6.7. MK15 Image Output.
Guide to output MK15 image to other devices.

Welcome to have a check!

Best regards,