1200nit,IP 52 Controller with 6 core processor Five-finger Touch Control 1080P screen compatible with Pixhawk2.1 Cube

hi,guys,this is nick from mmcuav – the largest industry UAV manufacturer in China.

We have a R&D team more than 100 staffs,we always devote to develop cool gears.

May I have your opinion about our new products Called Etlas Mobile?Which is compatible with Pixhawk2.1 Cube flight controller.

1.2kg Controller with 1200nit , Five-finger Touch Control screen,IP52,5km Control Distance…


Size (LWH):320x142x54mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Operating System: Android 7.1, Six-Core Processor
Screen: 7-Inch Touch Screen
Battery: 11.1V,8000mAh
Video Output: HDMI
Transmission Distance:5km
Working Temperature: -20℃~55℃
Resoultion: 1920*1200
Max Brightness: 1200nit
Touch Screen: Max. 5-point Simultaneous Touch
Battery Life: 5 Hours

1. High Integration

It combines functions of remote control, computer, data and image transmission, antenna and monitor.

2. Image and Data Transmission in One

Etlas mobile integrates high resolution image link, data control station and remote control link for bidirectional transmission. It supports SBUS, HDMI and other connectors, allowing for real-time bidirectional data transmission. Image-data integrated transmission.

3. Touch Control to Switch Interface
Users can simply touch the screen to switch between the ground station interface and UAV interface accordingly.

4. Ultra Bright Screen

1200nit enable you can watch the screen very clearly under strong sunshine.


5. IP 52 Ingress Protection

Etlas mobile is of IP52 Ingress Protection. Wrapped by silicone cell and sealed with 3M glue,

Very high resistant to dust and water. Even completely buried into dust, it can still function perfectly.

6. Five-finger Touch Control
Etlas mobile is equipped with ultra-sensitive screen that allows for five-finger touch control and avoids interference caused by accident touch. It is therefore able to work under complex environment with great stability and reliability.

I’ll highly appreciate it if you can offer your professional opinions.

Look nice,where’s the manual?Can I have the chance to test it?

hi,you can check the parameters here:

May I have your email address to sent you the manual?We now have english and chinese verison.