Failsafe mode keeps activating and deactivating

I ran command

roslaunch px4 mavros_posix_sitl.launch

then I ran a command

rosrun my_ros_package offb_node

offb_node is the executable file of offb_node.CPP, provided by PX4 website mavros_offboard
then I met an error like this image:

  • the program sink in the loop of changing the mode from offboard to armed
  • failsafe mode somehow activating, and being deactivated, keeps going, never stop
  • the plane can never takeoff
    if were any solutions. please tell me, thank you

Thanks to my senior friend LBY’s fixing, bug was solved;
There are so many reasons to activate failsafe mode, mine is no manual joystick
so I launch QGC, set using joystick as clicked, then the bug is fixed;

Thanks!!! The problem that has been bothering me is solved…

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when it came to multi uavs, this issus seemed to happen again.
Even though I clicked “use virtual joystick”, the plane could take off would only be uav0