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Another question that I can’t find an answer too.
I am wanting to use qGroundcontrol on various drones I have. However some have gimbals and some do not. You can configure the app to manage your gimbal or camera, record, stop recording and so on. But what i don’t get is whether this config once set is global or if in some way its model specific. If it is I have not figured out how that works. If it doesn’t then how does the community move the app from machine to machine if the config is different.

I use it with VTOL QuadPlanes loaded with PX4 Stack to control pitch and yaw of the camera gimbal. You have to enable the MNT_DO_STAB (go to the MOUNT header in Full Parameter Reference for all associated parameters) then you can assign the appropriate R/C channel to the corresponding AUX channel to control the gimbal.

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thanks @rollys but I think you miss understood my question.
If I have two drones. One is a basic drone with no gimbal and the second one has a gimbal.
Does qGroundcontrol recognize that I have two different drones. So that when I connect to the one with a gimbal It remembers the config for it and visa versa. Or do I need a second tablet configured for the second drone.

Thats what I am after understanding.

Yes. QGC reads the parameters of the flight controller it connects to so it “knows” what’s been configured and setup in the FC.

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Thanks @rollys
I think I get what your saying. I hadn’t considered it that way. But if I get the gist of what you said. That if you configure the flight controller to handled everything including gimbal ops then when it reads the FC it pulls in those settings.

I will have to read more on the subject. I have never configured for instance the Gimbal to operate via the FC in anyway. Its always been on a separate channel unrelated to the flight controller.
I wonder then if this is why some flight controllers have an SBUS out. Is the flight controller in someway manipulating the SBUS signal to operate peripherals.


Yes and it also works with a Spektrum Satellite Rx. My VTOL RVJet has a FrSky L9R Rx via SBUS but all PWM signals are from the Pixhawk ports. The Ranger EX has only the Satellite Rx bound with 9 channels and it’s mounted on the vertical fin. Both aircraft’s gimbal pit and yaw servo plugs go directly into the Pixhawk.