Does QGC come with any easy way to integrate a video feed?

I am a bit confused by not finding any simple solution for a live video feed from the aircraft to QGC.

I assumed that as long as I can get the video feed to my PC (ex. generic FPV set up with a receiver that hooks up to a PC), QGC overlaying the relevant telemetry data on that video would be a piece of cake.

What am I getting wrong? :confused:

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I take it that this did not help?

If you want telemetry overlay on video, you need a MinimOSD connected to Telem2 and interfaced with your camera and VTx. Then in QGC, you need to choose the USB Video device in the General tab. This will give you the video window on the bottom left and switch back and forth to full screen.

Good luck.

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Unfortunately, it did nothing. I am not even sure how those 3 settings for the PX4 will do anything like I am talking about.

The most relevant thing I found was this article:

However, it is nothing like what I am talking about.


Now that sounds like the kind of thing I was talking about. Now I have two questions about it:

  1. I am planning on using the 3DR Telemetry Kit V2. Could I use this instead of the MinimOSD like you suggested?

  2. How come I haven’t found any mention of what you suggested within the online guides for QGC. Did I miss any section?

In any case, if you are correct, you have given me great hope.

Thank you.

No. All that handles is telemetry data to interface with a ground control station like QGroundControl or Mission Planner. It doesn’t carry video.

It’s mentioned in some specific flight controllers like the Pixfalcon but not to the extent that you were looking for. I supposed since it’s “outside” of the PX4 firmware, the MinimOSD has a completely separate forum and support structure for its use and implementation.

I personally like and use the Night Ghost firmware with MinimOSD. It’s pretty much fully developed and I don’t think he’s doing any updates on it any longer. You can read through the forum on discussion and solutions.

I’m contemplating on trying Pitlab due its ILS feature but it’s a bit pricey.

Good luck.

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I believe I misunderstood how the OSDs work.

If I understood you correctly, what you are saying is that I can take the feeds from the camera and the telemetry kit and run them through minimOSD and use the vTx to transmit that to my GCS. Were you suggesting something like this:

Yes, pretty much.

Good luck.

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Thanks, man!

I was feeling completely hopeless after going through the guides/manuals which only ever talk about Wifi cams and what not.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

One thing make sure to do is to provide a separate and independent 5v supply to the MinimOSD. Don’t rely on the 5v feed from the FC that connects to the telemetry radio. The MinimOSD is quite sensitive to voltage fluctuations and you lose the telemetry overlay when it glitches. Here’s a good example.

Good luck.

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A good advise indeed.

I was wondering about similar issues involving all the on-board electronics. If it won’t be impertinent to do so, I’d like to PM you about such issues (or tag you in my thread) for discussing those issues in the near future.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure, no problem. Any time. Glad I’m able to help.

Good luck.

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