No WiFi setup in QGC (Pixracer+ESP8266+PX4 master)


I have an ESP8266 WiFi module connected to my Pixracer and loaded PX4 master stack. I’m pretty sure I saw “WiFi Bridge” menu in QGC in the past (few weeks ago). Now, Pixracer is connected to QGC but I don’t see WiFi Brudge setup option. ESP8266 is properly flashed, I can connect via WiFi to Pixracer.

QGC looks like:

Edit: “WiFi Bridge” is available on Android Beta software - tested on Sony Xperia Z3 Compact with Android 5.1.1.

If you are connected via USB, you won’t see the WIFI parameters. At least that’s the way it was the last time I checked. Is anyone on the QGC dev team watching this forum?

Ahhh, I’m an idiot :grin:. Mark, you could be right. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: .