Dronebridge successful but do not see in vehicle summary

Hi guys,

I am able to get DroneBridge successfully flashed on my ESP32, but I do not see it in vehicle summary when connected to QGroundControl.

I have the ESP connected as per the wiring diagram in [ESP32 WiFi Module | PX4 User Guide], and the ESP gets power from it[has the red LED turned on].

The drone and QGC are connected via a usb cable.

How can I check if mavlink data is between exchanged between QGC and ESP ? Both of them are on the same wifi network of DroneBridge

Once the cable is disconnectedbetween drone and QGC, but both drone and QGC are on same wifi network below is the result.

Drone connected via battery

I have tried changing the Tx Rx pins to GPIO1 and GPIO3 to match by exact board [ESP WROOM 32U], but still having the same issue:


This was my bad :dotted_line_face: I had improperly wired the tx and rx pins. We can close this thread.