No Servo Output from pixhawk when armed

Hi. I am new to arducopter. I have a set of 4 racerstar and another set of 4 simonk 30a escs. I am able to calibrate the escs (all at once) successfully (using any set at a time). I can also test the servo motor from optional hardware settings in mission planner. but when i arm the copter I am unable to get any servo output. this has wasted my 2 days. any help will be appreciated. thank you

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If you test the PWMs by tests, it is a software issue. May be your pwm max and min settings are not correctly set or the pwm frequency (400-500 Hz) is not correctly set in parameters after calibration.

How can i correct this?

it is a problem with min_throttle i guess. do we always have to set it or it is detected automatically?

the issue was resolved by setting