No GPS fix using pixhawk 4


Can someone tell me how to get GPS fix in pixhawk 4 module. I am using the GPS module that comes with pixhawk 4. QGC shows no GPS fix, i have enable all the GPS parameters (both the GPS enable but has connected only one that comes with the package). I have tried connecting through mavros also but the same error “No GPS Fix” comes. I have tried to give commands in ‘nsh’ in mavlink console in QGC like ‘gps start -d /dev/ttyS0’, it starts but satelitte info shows disabled in status. when I enable the satelitte info by ‘gps start -s’ it enables the satinfo but not ‘gps status’ gives ‘not OK’ in status. Please tell me what exact procedure to follow from start. What mistake I am doing? Or is the GPS module itself is faulty.