Makefile [ADSBVehicleManagerSettings.obj] Error 2


I am trying to build the using Qt creator in Windows 10 64 bit .
and I encountered errors.

jom: D:\K\QGC\build-qgroundcontrol-Desktop_Qt_5_15_2_MSVC2019_64bit-Debug\Makefile [ADSBVehicleManagerSettings.obj] Error 2

The process “C:\Qt\Tools\QtCreator\bin\jom\jom.exe” exited with code 2.
Error while building/deploying project qgroundcontrol (kit: Desktop Qt 5.15.2 MSVC201964bit)
When executing step “Make”

I was following exactly like the guideline below. but still unsuccessful and could not resolve the error.
[Getting Started with source & builds · QGroundControl Developer Guide ]

Kits: Desktop Qt 5.15.2 MSVC2019 64bit
Compiler: Microsoft Visual Studio2019 community C++ Compiler
Qt version: Qt 5.15.2 MSVC2019 64bit

What caused the error? and how to fix it?
I am fairly new and hope someone can point me to the right direction.
Appreciate the help!

I can’t paste the whole compile output message here. output message is too long.

and I can’t attach tex file.
How can I upload the output message?

Did any of the project compile? Or does it fail out of the gate? (Look for the creation of other .obj files in your build folder)

What commit are you using? Are you simply pulling the head of the master branch? If so, that is not guaranteed to work. Especially cross platform. People push works in progress there daily. A lot of the developers will be focused on other platforms, and not cross checking each and every build context. I recommend checking out the v4.2 tag: GitHub - mavlink/qgroundcontrol at Stable_V4.2 That will work in Windows. I’ve compiled it.

The error message you’ve posted is what virtually ANY compilation failure might end with. It’s not helpful. Even though you can’t post the entire output, please include what’s pertinent. Starting from the bottom of that wall of info, look up. Find the lines that have a prefix such as “Error”. Also note that in the Qt Creator “Compile Output” window anything written to stderr will be highlighted in red.

Thank you for your answer. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll check what you pointed out.

  1. The system environment variable has jom added (C:/Qt/tools/QtCreator/bin/jom)
  2. Unzip the source code to the C:/Users/… subfolders
  3. The file was changed from UTF-8 to UTF-8 BOM encoding and saved (using notepad++)

I only followed the method that was informed with the help of other developers who have no idea about the dronecode project, and I haven’t understood the meaning of those three tasks yet, and I don’t understand why that content is missing from the QGC guide. If anyone knows about this, it would be nice to explain it.