New drone launched in loiter and crashed

I learned recently that using Mission Planner with my Pixhawk allows launch from loiter mode using throttle positions beyond the headband nominally at 40-60% throttle. Fantastic! Worked nicely on by x-500 class drone. It has 2216 motors, 10" props, readytoSky 30 Amp ESCs, Cube and Here2. But when the Pixhawk, GPS, and telemetry hardware were moved to a ~650 class drone using the same parameters it crashed. The now drone has larger motors and 13" props with CC 40Amp Tallon ESCs. I started putting in throttle and got well above 60% with nothing happening. Then suddenly it launched like a rocket. I am very frustrated with this system - it works on one vehicle and is wildly unmanageable on a slightly larger vehicle. Any help is appreciated - but I realize I venting. FRUSTRATED! My log file is attached… Oops - the file can’t be attached since it’s a .BIN file.

If you’re using ArduPilot (sounds as though you are), please ask at
My initial guess is you’ve not tuned or changed parameters for the new copter, but ask in the other forum and you should get some help.