High Throttle Flyaway

I was performing some payload benchmarking with different batteries moving from a 4S to 6S battery. After taking off in Position mode the 450 flamewheel type drone shot off into the heavens. It was hovering fine on a 4S battery. The drone would not respond to low throttle and kept climbing. I had set a geofence at 30m Altitude but it soon fought it’s way through higher and higher. I attempted to initiate ‘land’ via the PC ground station without any change. With RTL initiated I lost RC control and the drone started to drift outside the flight zone towards property so I hit the kill switch which thankfully worked but destroyed the drone. Log attached

I’d appreciate if anyone can cast a quick eye over the logs as nothing is jumping out at me, the only thing I can think off is that the hoover slider in tuning is tied to Position mode but I don’t know without more detailed knowledge of px4 source code. ‘Actuator Controls’ is showing spikes which I wonder if is related this bug.