Drone crashes

Hey folks,

I recently build my first Pixhawk drone and got some problems with maiden flight.
First of all my Setup:
Tarrot 650 Sport frame,
T-Motor MN3110 470KV Motors,
Pixhawk 4 with GPS Module
T-Motor 40amp. esc’s,
Fr-Sky RX8R pro reciever.

I actually dont realy understand the log data… :joy:

Okay and here Problem:

The first flights I used stabalized mode. I armed the drone and everything worked fine. With increasing the throttle, the drone starts wiggling around, what as i know, is normal. At the point, where the drone should take off, it imediately falls over. The next few flights i used to give a bit more throttle but same probleme. The flight, from the log here was done witch a lot more Throttle than before and in manual mode. I also tried it in acro mode but similar problem.

All the sensors are calibrated as it should be done in the official pixhawk manual. Would it be helpfull to upload a parameters file?

I apologize for my language, as I don’t speak English as my mother tongue.

I realey hope someone can help me!

If the drone is flipping you need to check that the proper motors are on the proper arms, that they have the correct spin direction and that they are properly aligned.
The flight was too short to get much from the log.

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Thank you very much! The motors wasn’t properly aligned. I accidently used the Motor layout printed on the Drone frame, what obviusly was false.