Need ESCs help and recommendations for 'agriculture drone'

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to make an agricultural drone and require assistance in selecting the ESCs for the UAV.
The system specs are:
Frame: Quad
Battery: Li-Po (12S)
Motor: Tmotor U8II pro KV85
Prop Size: 29-inch

I had been using the Alpha 60A HV ESC previously in two of my other quads but they crashed due ESC shutting down mid-air. As a consequence of which I have to change my setup and require assistance in this regard. Through some suggestions and research i was able to find two ESC that seem quite suitable.

  1. APD f3[x] 200A

  2. Holybro Xrotor pro 80A HV
    XRotor PRO 80A-HV ESC (Dual Pack) 4S-12S - HOBBYWING North America

Both these ESCs seem reasonably good and seem quite suitable. However, they are not very common and i haven’t found much info related to them on this forum.

I would be grateful for all the help I can get. Moreover, if anyone has used any other ESCs please share I would love to look into them as well.


(Awaiting your replies)

I’ve been using the Xrotor 100A HV, it’s working just fine.
mine is an hexa frame, 33-inch prop, motor KV115.

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Thanks for the reply Erich.
The thing is my setup is 1.3m from motor to motor. The 33 inch prop is a bit too big. If i use 130KV motor with 29 inch props would it be feasible?