Help Choosing ESC's -Quad Build

I’m building a Tarot 650, the motors I’ve purchased are the Tarot 4008 Martin (TL2955) 330KV. My FC is the PX4. I was about to purchase some ESCs then I looked at the forum and I became a bit confused on the ESC configurations and which to purchase. So, I’m looking for a recommendation for a 30A 6S ESC for my quad build. (Yes, my setup works in ecalc)

I have basically the same issue I am finding out that I am a rank newby in this hobby, and am becoming more confused the more I read. How do I determine if an ESC will work with my Pixhawk? I see lots of stuff about BLHeli and betaflight and clean flight … all I want to do is find a 4-in-1 ESC 20-30A that will work. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!

Sam Staton
Jacksonville, FL