My quadcopter does not fly properly with PX4 firmware (Big Oscillations)

Hello everyone,

My name is Abel, from Texas USA. I had a problem recently when I built a new Drone and flashed PX4 in the Pixhawk 2.1 Cube.

This is very strange, the drone has a quite high CG. When the drone tooks off, it hovers but with oscillations. The oscillations are back and forward around the axis that passes trough the front left and the rear right arms.

However, if I attach a payload below my drone, the oscillations almost disappear and the drone flights way better.

I tried to flash Ardupilot, and It flies perfectly with this firmware by default. However I prefer PX4 so I would like to solve this stability problems and keep using PX4 for the development of this drone.

Any Help?

Thank you for your time and attention

Good day, its weird that behavior… do you mind tell me pls your configuration and calibrations you have done? If it’s possible send me a log…

Good Afternoon

I did not perform any change in the settings. They were the ones by default. With other drones that I built before it was working perfectly. But with this one it does not. I calibrated the sensors and that is all. What details do you exactly need?

Thank you for your answer.

do you have dumbed the fc? coz high vibrations don’t help…

Yes, I mounted it on 4 anti-vibration pillars, the behavior is still the same, flies good with ardupilot, and PX4 with payload. But empty with PX4 oscilations :frowning:

Thank you

what fc do you have? just try recalibrate all the sensors… and just set gyro and acc parameters… but test it

I have the Pixhawk cube blue (US made), also I tried before other cubes, I thought that a better quality cube would help (that is why I got the blue finally), but it does not.

Do you know how change the frequency of gyro and acc?
this parameter can help to improve the quality of the flight

I did not try, but I think it should fly correctly with the default values, as happens with Ardupilot.

just use it with ardupilot… for now is the better solution coz its having many good improvents