Stabalized VTOL

Reading several posts it appears the VTOL code doesn’t do full stabilization such as on a multicopter.
It also appears you cant tilt the rotor servos backward to move backward, as on the E-flite Convergence or the Bananahobby V22.
If I am wrong please correct me, if not are these features to be added in the near future.

Well did a test fit of my RQ-7 Shadow, went pretty good. However still along way to go.
If I go the E-Flite Convergence way I need to figure out the proper power of rear motor.
If I stay with the Osprey V22 got to figure out how to transfer the rear motors signal to the wing motors and servos.
It has been fun putting this thing together.

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Thanks for sharing. Actually tilting the rotors is possible, but we don’t have an existing config. Ping me on slack if you’d like to discuss giving this a try.

Thanks for the offer but I don’t have social media accounts.
I’ll have to wait to use that if its added to download in the future.

PX4 slack is for real time discussion.

I can look at adding a portion of this for the e-flite convergence at some point.

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I’ll just wait to see if an Osprey style is added in the future.
Went to slack and we are not on at same times i think.

Really interesting project, want to build something similar for some time, following…

So Osprey-like, only two rotors for hover and forward flight?

Osprey needs a third Rotor in the Tail (e.g. an EDF like Banana Hobby does) or cyclic rotor control with a swashplate for pitch on both nacelles otherwise there would be no pitch control while hovering and transitions …

Ok I see, I got confused by bi-copter designs, where you don’t need a pitch authority but still can fly forward/backwards. (And e.g. this guy can do backflips with it, but I guess it’s some kind of dynamic pitch authority )

The KK2 controller using OpenAero-VTOL can fly like an Osprey, two motors no cyclic.
But, it doesn’t have GPS and you cant program a flight pattern.