First post with questions on learning Q Ground Control

Hello All,
This is my first post and was looking for a general forum to put this in since it covers multiple topics. Administrators feel free to move this if it’s in the incorrect place.

Anyhow, I am looking to learn Q Ground Control as a drone company I want to get into currently uses it.

A bit about myself: I am an ex RC pilot who flew sailplanes and electrics competitively so at least I have that covered. Also worked heavily in film as a product designer so that helps too. I have my Part 107, PPL, flew hangliders and full size sailplanes as well. Currently building an Ultralight airplane.

I want to build up or buy a readily equipped drone to get my feet wet in autonomous flight using Q ground control, but unsure just what I need. On the PX4 site there are many tutorials and I need a VTOL that can transition into fixed wing flight. I am considering the E-Flight Convergence and swapping out the flight controller per the tutorial or building a Vtol/Cub which is also shown on the PX4 website. The plane does not need to emulate the real drone exactly as this is my first attempt to learn and will likely build something closer when I have more knowledge. However, the plane I would emulate is a flying wing with the 4 VTOL rotors attached to the wings on pylons in the typical quad format. If there is a tutorial on a similar build than I would love to hear about it. Or perhaps one I can buy that is close? I have looked at items on Hobbyking but I am sure there is a one stop shop where I can buy the hardware. Being a newbie in this feel free to suggest anything as its pretty much a blank slate for me right now.

Best regards,

Marc Webster
Cloudbase Engineering LLC

You can start here.

Not sure if there’s really one that exists. You pretty much would have to design and build it yourself. I’ve converted a Mako, RVJet, and a Ranger EX. The Mako and Ranger are available to be had if you’re interested.

Good luck.