Multiple Spektrum DSMX Receivers and one Transmitter


I would like to use multiple DSMX receivers & one DX9 transmitter for a swarm application. Is it possible to use DSMX receivers parallel for one transmitter with pixhawk as shown in the photo below ? Is there someone with such experience?

In the user manual of DX9 , there is an explanation, but I am not sure. What is the meaning of the simultaneously ?

Example Video:


If you have such an application with FrSky Taranis X9D Plus Transmitter , I would like to share the answer of the FrSky company.

“Yes, you can use X8R receivers parallel for one transmitter, The maximum number we recommend is 10, but you can only bind one X8R receiver in telemetry mode, the other X8R receivers working in non-telemetry mode.”